Takeoff 1.1 — Support for Blueprints

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Today I have released the first feature release of Takeoff (which now has a new home on Github under it’s own organisation).

When I first released it, it shipped with an opinionated default and was pretty hard coded to this fact, however I’ve managed to decouple parts of this in a way that open up support for blueprints.

Blueprints are pretty simple, they are a git repository that contains a package.json, a folder that contains a compose file and all the docker environment files, and an folder that contains all the runtime assets.

When you install a clean takeoff environment, this repository will be cloned to the correct location to build the environment.

At the moment there are still two parts to fix to full support more but as I’ve only released one this isn’t so much of an issue. Support for this will be done in an upcoming point release. [However, you can easily change the file to point to another repository if it follows the same layout].

Please excuse that documentation links are also broken and will be fixed shortly too.

Release 1.2 will come with a new CLI tool that will provide a better experience for creating build tasks for your projects, as well as creating new blueprints and environments.

Going forward I want to open up the availability of more blueprints and move more functionality to the CLI tool. I also want to stabilise support across Linux, OSX and Windows.

If you find any issues, or have any suggestions please feel free to leave an issue on Github.

Digital Technology Leader @ IKEA — Digital Acceleration and Data Transformation

Digital Technology Leader @ IKEA — Digital Acceleration and Data Transformation